This is supposed to be an anonymous blog. I have another wordpress blog and if you know it then that’s cool. If you’d like to know what my other blog is, just ask. I created this one so I’d have somewhere to talk about my depression in greater detail. And because I let someone see […]

Hello all. I’m here once again it’s been so long. where should I start? My jaw is tense, my head is…feeling weird It feels like there’s something circular sort of pressing on my chest I don’t think this is an anxiety attack but I know it’s a result of anxiety. Why do I build dreams […]

when you’re putting the pieces together everything wants to fall apart. that’s what it feels like sometimes i tried talking to people the other day at a family reunion i didn’t know anyone really (like 4 or 5 people) since I’m not part of that family–a friend invited us to join them. i feel so […]

It has been a long time since I posted here. well, not much has happened. I cut my hair but now I think it’s too short. it’s the shortest I’ve had it since last summer. I think it will be ok though. I’ve been worrying a lot. Sometimes about stupid things and sometimes about more […]

This June has been up and down my dog was sick and she could have died. it really scared me. she’s doing much better now. i think the zoloft helps with things. can’t remember if I mentioned this before, but it sort of evens out things. i don’t feel so low if I happen to […]

It’s June. May felt more like 45 days not 31. Anyway, i’ve been taking my medicine. i think it’s helping but i know it takes some time for anti-depressants to work. i have been getting out of the house more seeing some family members. that’s been nice i’m still awkward though. if the medicine is […]

i went to the doctor earlier the nurse had to ask me some questions and i felt like a piece of shit answering them “how often do you feel like hurting yourself?” “how often do you feel hopeless?” and so on… they didn’t have to take any blood from me but guess who’s back on anti-depressants? […]

i fucking hate this stupid house i regret living in this fucking neighborhood i hate myself i want to fucking die i want to fucking end this nothing good is happening i have NO ONE I HAVE NO FRIENDS I HAVE NO USE HERE IWANT TO FUCKING die already  


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