This is supposed to be an anonymous blog. I have another wordpress blog and if you know it then that’s cool. If you’d like to know what my other blog is, just ask. I created this one so I’d have somewhere to talk about my depression in greater detail. And because I let someone see […]

we’ve been talking for about 2 weeks now. he has goals, is well-spoken, goes to school. he is awful sweet and we seem to get along well. he’s handsome and I am… sometimes I feel like I am ok-looking other times I feel quite ugly. It is probably due to my depression & self esteem […]

Once again I have been pushed aside. I don’t know why I even bother anymore. The guy I last posted about… Well he stopped talking with me. When I asked why he said he’s just not ready for any kind of friendship or relationship. He said he even feels overwhelmed just having pets to take […]

Hello again everyone. So I’ve been talking to a couple of guys. 3 to be exact. One is alright The next is nice but he doesn’t like phone calls. The third is definitely interesting. The third guy is very passionate about music. He went to school to learn about music theory. He plays a few […]

I don’t know why I’ve stayed away from wordpress for so long. Maybe it’s because I’ve got a journal to write in now Maybe it’s because I’ve been afraid. But how can you be afraid of your own blog? Don’t know. Anyway, since September I’ve had 2 failed online friendships. With the first, I stupidly […]

Hello all. I’m here once again it’s been so long. where should I start? My jaw is tense, my head is…feeling weird It feels like there’s something circular sort of pressing on my chest I don’t think this is an anxiety attack but I know it’s a result of anxiety. Why do I build dreams […]

when you’re putting the pieces together everything wants to fall apart. that’s what it feels like sometimes i tried talking to people the other day at a family reunion i didn’t know anyone really (like 4 or 5 people) since I’m not part of that family–a friend invited us to join them. i feel so […]

It has been a long time since I posted here. well, not much has happened. I cut my hair but now I think it’s too short. it’s the shortest I’ve had it since last summer. I think it will be ok though. I’ve been worrying a lot. Sometimes about stupid things and sometimes about more […]


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