This is supposed to be an anonymous blog. I have another wordpress blog and if you know it then that’s cool. If you’d like to know what my other blog is, just ask. I created this one so I’d have somewhere to talk about my depression in greater detail. And because I let someone see […]

feeling kind of cold and tired. missed my appointment yesterday you can only miss 2. great. tried to message someone today. and i suppose he’s ignoring me. well, that is my kind of luck. i thought i would feel worse about it but now i just accept that these things happen. maybe he will say […]

i hate myself what else is new? i have given up almost completely i think. i think i am reaching the end of my rope. i don’t know how to feel about that i guess i should be trying some different things. maybe i will. most likely i won’t though. that’s how things work with […]

hey my arm hurts now! the result of some self harm last night i slept maybe a few hours the rest of my time was spent hating myself with such a passion. I have very nearly given up with finding anyone to be a friend or more than that. who would like me?????? bye for […]

i hate myself. spent the day doing nothing. things are so pointless that i really am thinking about giving up tomorrow might be ok. not sure though won’t get my hopes up or anything like that. i really hate myself bye for now –K

It is cold today. it may have rained but I don’t know. by the end of july it will have been 100 days since we last spoke. i counted the days. i think i counted them right. and i am better off. he does not care.  i would rather not care. and i would rather be […]

i have probably thought of him at least once per day since i decided we shouldn’t be friends. there are so many things i think about wanting to say to him it does not matter maybe it never did and maybe he did not really like me i cannot be sure anymore what i do […]

“i don’t wish you were different. I like you.” “you are gorgeous” he told me those things. and now we aren’t friends. and it was my choice. there is some kind of hole in my chest the size of russia. all the time i wish it had been different. you do not know how badly […]


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