This is supposed to be an anonymous blog. I have another wordpress blog and if you know it then that’s cool. If you’d like to know what my other blog is, just ask. I created this one so I’d have somewhere to talk about my depression in greater detail. And because I let someone see […]

everything is just irritating to me. i will have a couple hours out of the day where i’m alright but then I’m annoyed all over again. then there’s the way people act toward you sometimes… i can’t even explain just what i mean. i feel stuck. i can’t stand to be me most days. just really […]

so fucking irritated right now. lost about 4″friends” at least that’s what they claimed they wanted. to be “friends” PEOPLE ARE FULL OF SHIT can’t do anything right ever im so tired of being me fucking hate myself can’t keep friends. can’t have a boyfriend fuck everything’s so dumb.

Do you ever feel like you are chasing people around? people who claim they are your friend or whatever they rarely message you first days could pass by and so you get so lonely/anxious that you end up sending a “hi, what’s up?” their way to which they reply “haven’t been doing much” “haven’t been […]

i feel like shit i don’t know why i bother with things anymore. like, really, what ever comes of trying? just heartache mostly and it fucking sucks. maybe if i start to be a bitch things will turn around i am not sure. lately i have been kind of feeling alright about myself. but that […]

so i don’t have a boyfriend anymore. lol this relationship was even shorter than the last! Not even a week. oh well. there is another guy i like he  lives pretty far away i guess it’s just really a crush at this point not much will come of it (maybe?) anyway, if you’ve read a […]

hi everyone. lot’s has happened. i have a boyfriend now. i’m uncertain of that though. he only wants to text. no video chat, no phone calls, just text. it’s difficult for me to deal with. if we cannot work something out i think we’ll have to break up. visited facebook for the first time in […]

we’ve been talking for about 2 weeks now. he has goals, is well-spoken, goes to school. he is awful sweet and we seem to get along well. he’s handsome and I am… sometimes I feel like I am ok-looking other times I feel quite ugly. It is probably due to my depression & self esteem […]


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