This is supposed to be an anonymous blog. I have another wordpress blog and if you know it then that’s cool. If you’d like to know what my other blog is, just ask. I created this one so I’d have somewhere to talk about my depression in greater detail. And because I let someone see […]

i hate being alone i hate that the only person i have liked in the past few months that actually likes me back will  not be in a relationship with me because we dont live close i hate myself i’m never good enough i cant do anything the right way. it’s all so stupid i dont […]

I don’t even know what to type here. i’m angry, sad, and miserable. I should not be but I am I’m a terrible person. Now I feel like most days I am at the end of my rope. Maybe that is not the right way to describe things. I’m also an idiot as you can […]

I am so very tired of not being able to do ANYTHING RIGHT. and I am so very tired of having it pointed out. I do not know what I can do anymore. I am almost afraid to talk or say anything because with whatever I say, there’s a counter to it. almost fucking always. […]

I am so desperate for interaction that I found myself flipping a coin to decide whether or not I should have a video call with someone. This is someone I used to think about all the time. I really liked him until it hurt. Big fucking surprise though: we could not date. Really set myself […]

i went to the store tonight. many of the women were pretty and if not pretty, then she had a good body. it made me think: even when i am in shape, there is not much besides surgery that i can do for my looks i got some pills from gnc last week. i don’t know […]

everything is just irritating to me. i will have a couple hours out of the day where i’m alright but then I’m annoyed all over again. then there’s the way people act toward you sometimes… i can’t even explain just what i mean. i feel stuck. i can’t stand to be me most days. just really […]

so fucking irritated right now. lost about 4″friends” at least that’s what they claimed they wanted. to be “friends” PEOPLE ARE FULL OF SHIT can’t do anything right ever im so tired of being me fucking hate myself can’t keep friends. can’t have a boyfriend fuck everything’s so dumb.


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